Noggin Be There was established for that very purpose: For when you are literally not gonna be there. Send your mug and you can still be in all of the pictures and relieve yourself of the guilt, sadness, or ribbing your absence will cause. Think: weddings, family reunions, bachelor parties, overseas deployments...just about any event you wish you could be at.

It's incredibly simple:

  1. Upload a Photo
  2. We'll Print It Out & Back It
  3. We'll send your Noggin with an Attachable Stick



Why can't I just make my own?

You could! But here are 3 reasons not to: 

  1. We have commercial-grade color printing and cutting equipment. Use us to avoid investing in a fancy-ass printer and risk losing a digit in the saw.
  2. Even if you are becky-hom-ecy, this is quite the craft project.
  3. Although a seemingly simple product, it will cost you more to do it on your own because of (heads up: biz school jargon coming) economies of scale -- you can’t just buy one piece of photo paper, one 8x11 piece of foam board, etc. See point #1 again for other unwieldy costs.
How much does it cost & what do I get?

It costs $14.99 per Noggin which includes Free Shipping. Your Noggin will ship in a bubble wrap envelope to avoid any concussions.  There is the teeniest bit of assembly required (no Ikea-style nightmare here): just peel the sticker off & attach the stick to the head.

How quickly can I get my Noggin?

It usually takes us 2-3 days to create the product. Then we ship it USPS (supporting the government) which can take up to 5 days. We are based in Colorado, so if you live nearby it will likely arrive more quickly. If you need it stat, hit us up with an email and we’ll see what we can do.

Is the shipping always included?

If you live in the contingent U.S., it is. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, then we’ll have to charge you a little extra -- the price you pay for living in such exotic places that most of us only dream to visit. Also, USPS doesn’t seem to know where P.O. boxes are located so you are out of luck there.

What if the picture I submit is subpar?

We want to make sure your Noggin is the prettiest one in the pictures so we’ll let you know if what you submitted won’t work vs. sending an ugly mug.

How durable is the product?

The picture is printed on high-quality photo paper so, like all pictures, you don’t want to hold it out in the rain but a few drops of beer shouldn’t do that much damage. It is mounted on a 3/16 inch foam board which can withstand you dropping it but probably not a square-on punch. We’ll send it to you in a bubble wrap envelope so it’ll get to you in one piece…and stay that way barring any major abuse on your end.

Can you do bulk orders?

Absolutely, just ask via email. We understand that some people are just that popular.


Follow our tips below for the best possible noggin.

The higher the resolution the better: avoid fuzzy-face when we enlarge the image.
It's best if the person is looking directly into the camera.
The closer the better.
The Whole Noggin
Group shots aren't ideal as parts of the subject can be blocked by others
Nothin' but Face
Avoid pics where there is an errant hand or shot glass in front of the person's face.
Whacky Dos
Wild hair and other jagged head décor make for weird cut outs.